Value Comfort Ease of Operation
The Nimble Nomad is perfect for its intended task, bareboat cruising for two. Our self hire boats are easy and fun to operate. They're attractive, affordable, and very comfortable; all of these features make our Nomad trawler charters a great value.

The Nomad has air conditioning and heat. It boasts 6’ 7” headroom throughout, an inside steering station, and 15 windows, hatches, and ports. The boats are comfortable, dry and bright. We cruise on these self hire vessels too, and keep all the items onboard you’ll need for a great time while cruising, or relaxing at the dock.

You’ll quickly get familiar with your Nomad on a short orientation cruise. We’ll show you how to operate your self hire boat on the canal, and through the locks. You’ll be an expert in no time, and on your way to explore a fantastic journey, at your own pace and schedule.

Convenience Safety & Security Quiet & Efficent
Located at the Hibiscus Harbor Marina in Union Springs, New York; we’re 40 miles from Syracuse Int’l Airport. Arrive by airline, your own aircraft, or car. You’re only a short drive from our docks. Your Nomad trawler awaits you and the start of your relaxing personal canal adventure The Nomad's two self-draining decks boast high sides, non-slip surfaces, and built in seats. The full height doors leading into the helm and cabin make moving around your self hire boat easy and safe.

U.S. Coast Guard Safety equip. is provided.

Enjoy the scenery and nature, while listening to music or conversation when underway. Your Nomad has a 50 hp 4-stroke Honda outboard, it's super quiet and very efficient. Cruising in your self hire trawler at normal canal speeds, burns about 3/4 gal. of fuel per hour.
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